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Another Stargateland challenge. Ignore this if you'd like. Most of these are 100-300 word fics, but a few icons are intermingled as well.

Day One

02- SGA, Chuck & Amelia Banks, What did you have for lunch? (104 Words)

Chocolate mousse day is Chuck’s favorite day. It only happens about once every other month because of the difficulty in getting the delicious, fluffy dessert from Earth to Atlantis, but when it does happen, Chuck takes full advantage, and always stays happy for the remainder of the day. So maybe he is a little too enthusiastic, gesturing and miming with his hands when Amelia asks him what he had for lunch, but he doesn’t care. The chocolate mousse is worth it. She understands anyway, he’s sure, because last chocolate mousse day she had a big chocolaty stain on her shirt for the entire afternoon.

05- SGA, John Sheppard & Rodney McKay, (Post EatG, Atlantis still in SF Bay) John and Rodney run into each other in a coffeeshop in the Haight Ashbury district (264 Words)

After Atlantis had been on Earth for six months, people slowly started getting reassigned, the government saying they’d all be allowed back after the city was cleared to leave. Six months after that, only the most faithful, or delusional, remained. Rodney had been one of the first to be reassigned. John was given some crap about how a genius mind couldn’t be wasted, surprisingly not from Rodney himself. John is still with the city, stubborn enough that they haven’t even really tried removing him. He does occasionally venture out into the city, though, on beautiful days like today when the city’s quiet.

John’s been strolling around the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco with no particular goal in mind for the better part of an hour when he decides to get a cup of coffee. He walks into the shop, orders a medium black coffee and sits at a table. He does a double-take when Rodney McKay walks in the door – John would’ve sworn they sent him to Area 5. Rodney gets his coffee in his usual rushed fashion and strolls over to John’s table like he owns the place. John smiles, at least that much hasn’t changed.

“So they let you out,” Rodney says.

“Nice to see you too, Rodney,” John replies.

“Any progress?”

“Soon,” John says, although he’s had the same answer to the same question for more than half a year.

Rodney nods and sips his coffee. “Let me know.”

“You know I will.” John raises his cup to Rodney’s back as he watches the other man walk out the door.

07- SGA, Ronon, teaching wilderness survival (129 Words)

“Don’t touch that,” Ronon growls, knocking Peterman’s hand away from the plant. “It’s poisonous.”

The young marine nods with wide eyes, then turns to walk away from the offending foliage. “Wrong,” Ronon says.

Peterman turns back to Ronon. “What? You said it was poisonous.”

“It is,” Ronon says, then turns to put his body between the marine and the plant, folding his arms across his chest. “What’s it look like?”
“Um,” Peterman mumbles, looking around. “It’s green.”

Ronon raises an eyebrow. “And?”

“Um, there are some spots on it,” Peterman questions.

Ronon shakes his head. “Lines. There are lines on it. When you find something poisonous, you memorize it so you don’t make the same mistake again.”

“Got it sir, sorry,” Peterman mumbles, memorizing the look of the plant.

09- SGA, Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller, do over

24- SGA, Sam Carter, never far

16- SGU, Adam Brody / Hunter Reilly, stuck in an elevator

37- SGA, Lorne's team, just another desperate situation (125 Words)

Evan glanced down, hardly even surprised to note his lack of pants, because really, what sort of indigenous Pegasus culture didn’t want to see him and his team naked? The answer was surprisingly few, in his opinion. Sure, Sheppard’s team encountered the Wraith a lot, and that sucked. But for all SGA-1 got shot at, Lorne’s team seemed to end up naked in some sort of culture’s ritual of welcome. He sighed, shook Stackhouse to wake him, and gestured vaguely for the Sergeant to look down. Stackhouse sighed in turn, then rolled his eyes.

“Well, just another desperate naked hostage situation, I guess, sir,” he said. Lorne laughed and got up, hoping to speak to the guard and negotiate the return of his team’s clothing.
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