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Title: Shantoe
Author: [ profile] stormylullabye 
Fandom: SGA
Characters: Evan/Parrish
Word Count: 1,227
Rating: PG
Summary/Notes: Written for [ profile] clwilson2006, who wanted something romantic. This mostly fits that prompt I think, but to be honest, I’m sure she’ll make me write more for her in the near future (and also the far future) so I can work on being more romantic then. :)

“You want to what?” David asked, sure he had heard Evan wrong.

“I want to go on a date with you,” Evan responded, a sure smile on his face.

“A date. Evan, we’re in Pegasus. We can’t just go to the movies or something,” David explained. “And no, movie night in the mess doesn’t count. You still have to be all military in there.”

“No, not the movies. Just say yes, David, please?”

David looked at his boyfriend, who gave David the adorable pleading look he used when he wanted the rest of David’s potatoes. David rolled his eyes, but sighed and said, “Okay, fine. Yes.”

Evan smiled and covered the two steps between them, pulling David into a hug. “You’ll love it, I promise.”

“I love you, at least,” David countered. He pulled out of the hug and pressed a quick kiss to Evan’s lips. “Now go, I have work to do before tonight.”

“Love you too!” Evan called as he jogged out of the lab towards the control room. Now that the date was definitely on, he had to confirm his plans with Woolsey and Chuck.

Evan reached the control room quickly, sending the Ancients silent thanks for the transporters. He walked over to the technician’s desk and lowered his voice. “Hey, Chuck. Everything set for tonight?”

“Yes, sir. Everything’s ready for 1900,” Chuck responded. “M9Y-418, right?”

“That’s the one, Chuck. Thanks.” Evan turned and headed into the director’s office. “Director.”

“Major Lorne, how can I help you?” Woolsey asked.

“Just reminding you that I’m gating out with Dr. Parrish at 1900 tonight. We’re going to M9Y-418 to look at some plant species. I’m not sure what it is, but he seems to think it’s valuable.”

Woolsey gave Evan a look that clearly stated he was humoring him, but nodded. “Right, Major. You’ll have your radio on so you can check in if anything goes wrong?”

“Yeah, I’ll have it, but we should be back within a few hours.”

“Okay, Major. I’ll see you back here in about two hours, then.” Woolsey looked back down at his paperwork, and Evan turned to leave the office. He returned to his quarters to take a shower and change his clothes.


At 1830, Evan leaned casually in the entrance of David’s quarters after swiping his hand over the control and opening the door, which had been keyed months ago to let him in. He was glad to see that Katie Brown had followed through on her promise to make David leave the labs at 1800. Everything would go much more smoothly if they didn’t have to rush.

David glanced up and smiled at Evan, looking appreciatively at his civilian dress. The black sweater really fit Evan exceptionally, tight enough to allude to what lay beneath but not too tight; his jeans only added to the overall effect. Evan returned the smile and entered the room, pulling David into a kiss. It only lasted a moment before Evan reluctantly pulled back. “You look wonderful,” he said.

“As do you,” David replied. “So, where are we going?”

“The control room,” Evan answered, being purposefully vague. David sighed but walked with Evan to the control room in silence. When they arrived, Evan smiled at Chuck, who returned with a thumbs-up. The gate began dialing, and David finally broke his silence.

“What planet are we gating to?”

“M9Y-418,” Evan replied easily, knowing the botanist would have no frame of reference for the gate address. David looked confused for a moment, but seemed to accept their destination as the wormhole opened and Evan strode towards the event horizon.

When the two men came out on the other side, Evan immediately grabbed David’s hand. It was afternoon on the planet; the sun was shining brightly overhead. The two men walked in silence towards the small town they could see on the road up ahead. Evan noticed David glancing towards the abundant vegetation apparent in the forest to their right and smiled to himself. They would be exploring that later.

Evan and David entered the small town and passed a few nondescript buildings before Evan slowed to a stop in front of one. “What’s this?” David asked, turning to the other man.

“It’s called Shantoe. It’s a restaurant,” Evan answered, smiling up at David.

“A… how did you find a restaurant in Pegasus?”

“I kept my eyes open,” Evan replied, shrugging. “I’ve been looking for one for a while. I knew Earth couldn’t have been the only planet to ever come up with the idea of restaurants.”

“You’re amazing,” David announced suddenly, beaming down at Evan. The other man blushed and ducked his head, opting to lead David into the restaurant rather than respond.

The meal at Shantoe wasn’t amazing, Evan thought, but it was definitely good. Better than the food served in the mess, or maybe just different, but after so many meals on Atlantis it was refreshing. The atmosphere in the restaurant was different than any on Earth; for one, only men were allowed to be servers. Also, and thank God Teyla had forewarned him, it was considered an insult to tip the server after the meal. Instead, Evan and David hugged him to thank him for the good service.

When they left Shantoe, Evan and David took a path that wound through the forest David had been admiring when they first arrived on the planet. When Evan reached the point he had marked with a notch in a tree, he turned off the path and led David a short way into an open meadow he had found accidentally on a mission.

As Evan thought he would, David gasped and dropped immediately to the ground when they entered the meadow. “Williamsonia sewardiana!” David exclaimed. “Impossible… this went extinct in the late Cretaceous!”

Evan smiled down at his lover, who seemed to have forgotten all about him as he poked and prodded the plant. Evan had heard this already from Katie Brown, who had joined his team for a couple of missions last month after she expressed an interest in fieldwork. David had readily agreed to send her along in his place, saying he needed to get work done in the lab anyway. On Katie’s third mission Wraith had shown up and she decided that fieldwork wasn’t for her. Evan was grateful for her stint though, since it had given him this to show David.

David glanced up at Evan and smiled as if Evan had just proposed to him. Evan couldn’t remember the last time the other man had looked so happy. David stood slowly and grasped Evan’s shoulders, looking down into the other man’s eyes. “Evan, thank you,” David said. “This…” he broke off and looked at the plant growing in the meadow before turning back to Evan. “It’s amazing. More than I could ever have hoped for. A plant back from extinction is just huge news!”

Evan leaned up and pressed his lips to his lover’s, looping his arms around the taller man’s waist. He pulled his head back and returned David’s gaze. “You’re welcome. I love you,” Evan responded. “Oh, and here are some sample bags,” he continued, drawing away from David and fishing the bags from his pocket. Evan laughed when David grabbed the bags from his hand as his face lit up like Christmas had come early.
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