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Title: Morning Light
Author: [ profile] stormylullabye 
Fandom: SGA
Characters: Evan/Parrish
Word Count: 1,135
Rating: PG
Summary/Notes: Written for [ profile] calcitrix, who wanted to see how something is different in Pegasus than it is on Earth.

For once, Evan Lorne was grateful when he woke up in the pre-dawn hours to a buzzing coming from his earpiece. He grabbed the radio off his side table and put it in place, bringing his free hand up to rub the sleep from his eyes.

“Teyla?” Evan asked, staving off a yawn.

“Major Lorne,” Teyla replied. “New light will come in one hour.”

“Thanks, Teyla.” Evan clicked his earpiece off and placed it back on the nightstand. He threw the covers off his bed and swung his legs around. He shivered slightly as his feet hit the cold floor, but stood and padded across to the bathroom anyway. He got into the shower, humming Only Time by Enya. Damn McKay and his ‘conducive for work’ playlist.

Working the shampoo into his hair, Evan went over his mental list again. The jumper should already be ready for Evan to take up. Or, if it wasn’t, Stevens and Petersen were going to get a stern talking to. Evan decided to check before picking up the food, just in case. David was probably being woken by Teyla right about now. Thank God, Evan thought, that someone on Atlantis was routinely awake at this hour. He rinsed the shampoo out of his hair and reached for the soap.

Running the bar of soap across his chest, Evan devised his plan. If all went well, he’d be with David is about twenty minutes. This last thought brought a smile to his face, and Evan hurried to finish up his shower. He stepped into the cold bathroom and wrapped himself in his towel. He moved to the mirror and shaved quickly yet carefully, and returned to his bedroom to get dressed. Once fully clothed in his civilian wear, Evan grabbed his radio and headed out of the room.

He went straight to the jumper bay, where he found Stevens waiting for him. “All ready to go, sir,” the marine reported.

“Thanks, Captain,” Evan replied. “I just have to run to the mess quickly. Wait here for a few more minutes?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Stevens replied.

Evan turned and walked to the mess hall. He took a moment to send a silent thanks to Marina, the night cook who had set out a basket of food for him to bring. Grabbing hold of the handle, he walked back up to the jumper bay, hoping he would beat David there.

Stevens was standing where Evan left him when the Major returned. “Much appreciated, Captain. Dismissed.”

“Yes, sir. Any time, sir,” Stevens replied before saluting Evan and leaving to return to security detail. Thank God for subordinates, Evan thought as he returned the salute. Just as Stevens disappeared around the corner, Evan heard a voice drifting up from the opposite side of the hall.

“I assure you, doctor, nothing is wrong.” Evan quirked a smile. Teyla had probably been assuring David all the way up here. Evan darted quickly into the jumper Stevens and Petersen had set up for him, turning it on and stowing the food. Just as he finished securing the basket, Evan turned and saw Teyla standing with David at the back of the jumper.

“Thanks, Teyla,” Evan tried, just as David breathed out a surprised, “Major Lorne.”

Teyla simply smiled and walked away, while Evan laughed and gestured to his clothing. “Civvies, David. Besides, we’re going alone. Call me Evan.”

“Right. Evan. What’s going on?”

“Sit down, David,” Evan replied. “And stop worrying. Nothing’s wrong.” Evan smiled fondly down at David as the other man strapped himself into the second seat in the jumper. Evan moved to close the jumper up and placed the earpiece, which had been in his pocket, into its spot in his ear. He sat in the pilot’s seat and tapped the radio.

“Hey, Chuck? We’re ready when you are,” Evan said brightly.

“You’re clear, Major,” Chuck replied. Evan steered the jumper into position. “Opening the roof now. Have a nice flight, Major, Doctor.”

“Thanks, Chuck.” Evan smiled as he pulled the jumper up and into the open air above the City. Evan flew the jumper over the ocean. The light from the second moon, which was just setting, was reflecting near the far horizon. He glanced at the man to his right, who was looking at the water and smiling.

“It’s beautiful, Evan. But what’s going on? Are we running low on galvezia candicans again?”

“No, we’re good on the galvezias, David. You’ll see in...” Evan broke off and looked down at the watch he wore around his wrist. “About ten minutes.” He looked to David again and smiled, before checking his course on the jumper’s controls.

The pair flew in silence, Evan purposely taking a slightly longer path when he flew too fast in anticipation. He had found the perfect spot and he wanted to make sure he was exactly there when it happened.

The one thing that Evan most appreciated about Pegasus, at least at this moment, was the dependability of the planet rotations. The sun rose at promptly seven in the morning every single day, and went down at eight in the evening. Evan checked his watch at 6:59, and navigated the small distance between his spot and his goal.

The jumper slowed and David glanced to Evan curiously. “Here? What’s here?”

“Look,” was Evan’s simple reply. He had positioned the jumper so that it was facing due south, and so looking directly at the sunrise. As the two men watched, the sun came up over the horizon and lit the tops of the trees. Evan pushed the jumper fully soon after, racing into the sunrise as David looked around at the plant life bathed in the early morning light. He went on like this, the day coming in double time, for long enough that it seemed the whole world was bathed in light.

Suddenly, Evan dropped the jumper so that it was just above the tops of the trees, and turned his course to the east as he slowed down. A minute later, he brought the ship down in a clearing and looked to his lover.

“You told me once that plants look different when the lighting is different, and I figured you probably didn’t get to see too many plants at sunrise.” Evan looked to the ground, blushing, as he explained his reasoning for the early morning outing.

“Oh, Evan,” David replied. Evan heard the seatbelt coming undone and then David was in front of him unhooking Evan’s own seatbelt. David pulled Evan up and held the other man’s face between his hands. He looked into Evan’s eyes for a minute before whispering, “Thank you.” David bent down and kissed Evan, which, at least to Evan, was even more beautiful than the moon’s reflection, the sunrise, and the trees combined.

Date: 2011-01-24 06:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That is adorable and gorgeous, and cleverly done. Perfect! Thank you! <3

Date: 2011-01-24 07:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! I really liked this one when I was done with it, I'm glad you did too. :)


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