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This is my entry for the [ profile] stargateland Stargate Continued challenge. You had to make a new Stargate show. Mine is kind of cracky, just to let you know :)

Title: Stargate: Clipboard
Stargate: Clipboard follows the daily trials and tribulations of the overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated Gate technicians and general office workers of the Stargate program. They have their official capacity, of course, what we all see in the shows that have aired, but there’s so much more to these folks than the words “Chevron one encoded.” From running ridiculous errands for those in command to running the office betting pools, it’s these fine men and women that really keep things running, no matter what it might look like to the outside world. Follow Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman and the men and women who would follow him anywhere in Stargate: Clipboard.

Crossover Character:
Chief Master Sergeant Norman Walter Davis Harriman

Walter’s page at the Stargate Wiki

Original Characters:
Senior Master Sergeant Adrienne Columbus: Emma Stone

Adrienne, known more commonly around the office as “One,” is Sergeant Harriman’s direct second-in-command. Walter might be known as the one who runs the betting pool, but the lesser-known fact is that it’s actually Adrienne who keeps the books. She’s smart and sharp and funny, and she’s really, really good at organization. She lives off-base in Colorado Springs – she actually grew up not too far away, and goes home to visit her parents as much as she can. Adrienne doesn’t have a ton of friends at the SGC, mostly because she’s in charge of most of the people beneath her, but she’s really starting to get along with Book.

Adrian Booker: Michael Cera

Adrian is known in around the SGC as “Two,” entirely because he had the misfortune to be hired after Sergeant Columbus was assigned to the base. He has always gone by his last name – this isn’t the first time he’s run into the Adrian/Adrienne problem, so most people outside of work know him as Booker, or just Book. He’s a civilian contractor working with the SGC to overhaul some of their more outdated equipment, but with the sheer amount of equipment in the SGC and the rate at which new alien technology replaces old alien technology, it’s become a pretty permanent position. He’s one of the only people who has really tried to befriend Sergeant Columbus, whom he has nicknamed Ohio.

Staff Sergeant Ryan Greenville: Kevin McHale
Kevin McHale
Ryan is a pretty straight-laced, no-nonsense type of guy. He takes his job really seriously, which Walter appreciates, but he sometimes gets on other people’s nerves for it, since it seems like he just has no sense of humor. In reality, he’s afraid that he’s going to get kicked out of the Air Force if he opens up to people, because DADT might be in the stages of repeal, but it’s still not a good idea to just announce that you’re not as straight as people think you are. Ryan spends a lot of time with Kylie; they went through training together and she’s the only one on base who knows his secret.

Staff Sergeant Kylie Browning: Larisa Oleynik

Kylie works in the Requisitions department, and spends a lot of her time processing (and denying) some really strange requests. She’s the one to go to, though, when you need something you just can’t get anywhere else – say, that time that SG-3 decided that they needed to carry spare pairs of boots, because really, it was just getting silly – or when the prank war had gotten out of hand, and Colonel Carter had called down to see if there was some way to obtain four hundred heads of lettuce and write it off as supplies for a trading mission. Kylie’s office is right next to the warehouse, and she spends all of her time running back and forth from the one to the other.

Gina Tammin: Felicia Day

Gina is the warehouse manager, and works really closely with Kylie. She has a great sense of humor and is super disorganized, but is somehow still really good at her job. Gina is a civilian contractor with the SGC. She’s from a small town in Iowa, and has what Kylie refers to as “the world’s biggest family.” She can name, offhand, more than fifty cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, only some of whom she’s related to by blood. She has a family-related story for everything – the most common words out of her mouth, when observing a new situation, are: “This reminds me of the time when…”

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