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Title: Laughter
Author/Artist: [ profile] stormylullabye
Recipient: [ profile] rinkafic
Medium: Fic
Word count/length: 1,072
Rating: PG
Characters/pairing: John/Ronon, some Rodney and Teyla
Summary: John wishes Ronon would laugh more.
Additional notes: Written for the 2011 Ronon thing-a-thon at [ profile] rononficathon. I managed to include two out of the three prompts pretty well (found and laughter), and the third one (hair) is mentioned if you feel like “Where’s Waldo”-ing it.

Laughter )
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Hey everyone!

So, I know my love for Ronon isn't a secret to anyone who's ever visited my journal, or seen my icons, or read anything I've ever written, or anyone at all really. Something some of you may not know, however, is that I've taken over a community along with my evil twin co-conspirator, [ profile] somehowunbroken.

It's [ profile] rononficathon and we're organizing a thing-a-thon for Ronon! Het, gen, and slash entries are all accepted as long as they feature Ronon. Sign-ups opened today (about 20 minutes ago, actually) and I'd love for everyone ever to sign up and make my life a living hell next week when I have to assign pairings. :)
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Title or description: Sweets and Circles
Recipient's name: [ profile] gaffsie
Word count: 2,342
The prompt or prompts used: Slash Fic – “First times (can be either sexual or emotional in nature), trust, post EatG.” Mostly I only used that last one, but if you squint you can also see a little teeny trust influence.
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
A/N: Written for [ profile] satedan_grabass’s wonderful and illustrious mod, [ profile] gaffsie. A thousand cookies to [ profile] somehowunbroken who beta’d really quickly for me since my RL’s been insane lately. Any remaining mistakes are alllll mine.

Sweets and Circles )


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